Reunion 2017

The evening was abuzz with excitement, old friends and old acquaintances met at the Victory Services Club in the heart of London.

This was to be a very special occasion, as we introduced our Patron the Earl of Wessex with all the pomp and ceremony surrounding the invitation of this our honoured guest.

The evening went very well indeed, and what our special guest did not see was the hours of organisation, the meetings and the special menus prepared for this our Reunion dinner.

The Victory Services Club went out of their way to help us achieve this magnificent evening and Air Commodore Beet worked his charms on both His Royal Highness and the RFA Commodores, and I say that in the plural, who sat amongst us all.

His Royal Highness firstly was introduced to everyone who had gathered, and they were in groups notated by the ports visited by the RFA, and it was noted that Yonderberry gave a chuckle of memories of that wonderful place!

We then moved into the dining room where introductions were made and Frank Andrews our retired Chairman said grace and then battle commenced.

The evening went by so quickly and by the time we received the speeches and HRH left we then embarked upon the main event of the evening – yes you’ve guessed it… the raffle.

Guests then made their way into the bar, and others disappeared to catch last train and buses, all with a glow and warmth of a great evening.

Breakfast the following morning was a buoyant affair with many catching up with old friends and aching heads.

I would sincerely like to thanks the organising committee and the many loyal friends of the RFA London Branch including Peter, Dave, Bob, Colin Gillian, Shane, Stan and Richard not to mention others who helped in whatever capacity they could.

Hurry back Stan all is forgiven.

Photos of the evening’s event can be viewed here.

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