Cheque to Dreanought

Two Ancient Mariners walked the long and busy streets of the capital city. They were looking for ‘The Dreadnought’ a long lost hospital hulk that looked after infirm Mariners. That hulk has long gone, as have the wards at Greenwich. Nonetheless with the perseverance that one expects from Ancient Mariners they uncovered the modern ‘Dreadnought’.

She is alive and well as the mainsail of the Dreadnought Medical Service and has been absorbed within the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust . Sitting across the Thames from the Houses of Parliament offering NHS medical and dental services to serving seafarers, their families…and to those of us who have retired from salt water and fresh air.

Peter Harrison, our Branch chairman has met Dreadnought’s Administrative Staff and the Clinical Lead Mr Abrie Botha to present him with a donation on behalf of the RFA Association.

London RFAA chairman Peter Harrison, still clutching the cheque, before handing it over to Mr Abrie Botha, Clinical Lead of the Dreadnought Medical Service

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