1. Name

The full name of the branch is “THE ROYAL FLEET AUXILIARY ASSOCIATION LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES BRANCH”. This may be abbreviated to RFAA London in suitable contexts. This Constitution was adopted at the AGM held on (date).

2. Objectives

The Branch objectives reflect the objects of the main Association as published in the RFAA Constitution document at para 2. Those objects at para 2.2 (a), (b) and (c) will be exercised by the main Association, with the support and assistance of the London Branch at the local level.

3. Powers

The Branch has the following powers which may be exercised only in promoting the Objectives:

  • a) to publish and distribute information.
  • b) to cooperate with other RFAA Branches and outside bodies with similar objectives.
  • c) to maintain funds for Branch expenses and to raise funds to further the work of the main Association.
  • d) to organise and participate in official and social events in the London & Home Counties area.
  • e) to publish and distribute information.
  • f) to cooperate with other RFAA Branches and outside bodies with similar Objectives.
  • g) to maintain funds for Branch expenses and to raise funds to further the work of the main Association.

4. Membership

Full Membership of the Branch is automatically open to current members of the RFA Association of any grade or class of membership. Only Full Members and Friends of the Branch will be eligible to vote in the election of Branch Committee Members and for or against resolutions submitted at the annual general meeting (AGM). (See also para 9 below). The Branch committee reserves the right to terminate the Branch membership of any member in the interests of the Branch.

5. Committee

The Committee will consist of at least three and not more than seven individuals, all of whom must be Full Branch Members and shall include the Chairman, the Hon Secretary and the Hon Treasurer. Other individuals may be co-opted onto the Committee from time to time, as required, to meet specific purposes. The Committee in session will be quorate when three Full Members are present. The full committee will present itself for election annually at the AGM by the membership.

6. Meetings

  • a) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be convened once per year as convenient and the membership will be given a minimum of 30 days notice of the date and venue by electronic or postal means. The AGM will be quorate with four full members present in addition to three members of the committee (one of whom must be the Chair, the Sec or the Treas.). The Chair’s report and the Treasurer’s report will be submitted for the approval of the members present. The full committee membership will be voted at each AGM.
  • b) Committee Meetings will be convened from time to time as convenient but at least twice per year (not including the AGM). Electronic means may be employed if the members cannot meet in person. Minutes of each meeting will be raised and circulated to the members within a reasonable timescale.

7. Accounts

The Hon Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the Mess Treasurers Bank Account and will conduct business within the general accounting guidelines to Branches provided by the Association, as the Charity, in the Branch Manual. The Mess Treasurers Bank Account will be kept to the practical minimum to enable Branch business to be conducted effectively. Excess monies, and funds raised specifically to further the work of the charity are to be forwarded to the RFA Association Treasurer without delay or otherwise as agreed. An independent inspection of the Mess Treasurers Bank Account is to be carried out prior to the Treasurer’s report to the RFAA main Treasurer at the end of each calendar year.

8. Data Protection

The Branch needs to hold limited amounts of personal data about members in order to operate effectively in delivering the objectives. The holding and management of any such necessary data by the Branch will be strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Policy of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association (as adopted in 2006). Branch members are advised to consult the policy document for full details.

9. Friends of the London Branch

This is a local category of membership which may be conferred by the committee on the recommendation of any member. It is intended as recognition of the valuable contributions made to Branch business by supporters who may not be Full Members of the RFAA. A Friend of the London Branch has full branch voting rights as a branch stakeholder and the Branch Secretary will maintain a list of those upon whom this status has been conferred.

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