1. Definition of Welfare

Taken from the Oxford dictionary:

  • i) The health happiness and fortunes of a person or group.
  • ii) Organised or practical or financial help provided typically by the State or organisation to help people in need.

2. The RFA Association mission statement and objective includes the phrase Caring for the RFA Community


3. Perceived Requirement

  • i) Phoning of all members at least once per year (total of 85 members)
  • ii) Flowers to be sent at funerals and hospitalization
  • iii) Attending funerals (when known) and where practical
  • iv) Attending courses on bereavement and care in the community
  • v) Having the knowledge to pass on members details to the appropriate organisation when help is required and beyond our remit i.e. Tax authorities / medical emergencies / health care / mobility / Pensions
  • vi) Financial need, again to pass on details to HQ to assess for the physical need of members requiring help
  • vii) Grant Aid for members
  • viii) Welfare Rights
  • ix) Counselling and pastoral support

4. What can be done with current resources

  • i) Resources are limited, although a phone call and contact could be helpful initially to see how the welfare of the membership is progressing. This would be the first step in establishing a caring community.
  • ii) This would also establish whether any help was required for the necessary help lines available via SAAFA etc.
  • iii) A float of £100 is to be given to the welfare officer for such requirements as phoning and flowers etc, and this float to be topped up on a regular basis.
  • iv) A bereavement / care in the community course can be organised and paid for out of HQ Funds. A welfare fund has been set up and a simple letter of justification required.
  • v) Items can be requested from the RFA / RFAA for flags to cover coffins, and other memorials. It would be practical to possess a flag for such occasions.
  • vi) Attending and visiting members as care in the community and funerals again the funding would come out of the welfare fund.
  • vii) The welfare officer would give a quarterly report at the RFAA meetings, and also where appropriate a mention of the person on the website, so that they are not forgotten.

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