merchantmen in action book cover

Merchantmen in Action by Roy V Martin

This is a really well put together package, well researched and a mine of information, and a delight to read in a very matter of fact sort of way.

Roy Martin is an ex-mariner and has seen at first hand the hardship and total ignorance of the role of the MN during this conflict.

In spring 1941, when the Allied Merchant Navy was losing 130 ships a month, the unbreakable resolve of these civilian seafarers was all that held Britain back from inglorious defeat. Their courage and tenacity saved the lives of millions in the bleakest episodes of the War, and contributed substantially t some of the most celebrated Allied victories.

Roy Martin describes the most famous Merchantmen evacuations such as the lesser known evacuations in which hundreds and thousands of lives were saved .

Also mentioned is the Merchant Navy’s support of the landings in Africa, the Mediterranean and Normandy , where 1,000 merchant ships manned by 50,000 civilian seaman delivered troop, supplies and two prefabricated harbours.

Read on as this book aims to honour the seamen of the Merchant Navy for their sacrifice.

Richard Fernley

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